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Zimbabwe: Tile Producer Commits to Zim

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Herald Reporter

Norton-based tile manufacturing company Sunny Yi Feng (Pvt) Limited has been attracted by investment opportunities in Zimbabwe and has committed to promoting the country in China.

The firm yesterday showed off its factory to local councillors and political leaders from the community. Since the start of operations last year, the tile producer has spread its wings in Zimbabwe and can now make enough tiles to cover 60 000 square metres everyday.

Actual production depends on the availability of raw materials and the company has been affected by power outages, as well as Covid-19.

Around 80 percent of the produce is for export, with the firm employing more than 1 400 Zimbabweans.

Besides roofing and floor tiles, the company also manufactures bricks, cement pipes, cups, plates, wooden pallets and cardboard boxes.

Managing director Mr Cheng Guofeng gave an overview of operations and his perspective on the country in terms of investment.

“We are very happy to work in Zimbabwe and we are satisfied,” he said.

“We will market the country in China and encourage more investment here. Zimbabwean people are very educated and it helps in maximising production since they can learn new skills quickly.

“We invested US$40 million to start this project and we are doing well. The idea is to increase our production figures so that we can service a bigger foreign market, as well as employ more local people.

“The production figures depend on the raw materials. Currently they are a bit low following the four months break we had to take as a mitigatory measure for Covid-19.”