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Zimbabwe: Rampant Thefts Force Replacement of Brass Water Meters in Bulawayo

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The Bulawayo City Council has set its sights towards phasing out brass water meters for plastic ones following continued thefts and vandalism on the former.

The targeting of water meters has seen a lot of households countrywide lose their water meters to thieves.

The meters have a high demand mostly in sprouting illegal settlements in most towns and cities.

During a recent council meeting, Bulawayo councillor Sikhululekile Moyo raised concern over the rampant vandalism of water meters in the city.

In response to Moyo’s concerns, City Director of Engineering Services Simela Dube said council was now replacing the brass meters.

“To avoid vandalism of water meters, plastic meters were now being installed instead of the brass type. The replacement of the brass water meters under the Bulawayo Water and Sewerage Services Improvement Project (BSWIPA) programme was being conducted in some areas,” reads part of council’s latest minutes.

According to the report, the local authority has also been hit by ZESA cable thefts.

“ZESA cable thefts have continued to be a challenge. Manpower shortage affected the repairs on water leaks. Authority had been granted to hire private who were yet to start working on pending acquisition of materials,” further read the report.

Town Clerk Christopher Dube advised the councillors that the authority was continuing to engage ZESA regarding load shedding and cable theft.

Mayor Solomon Mguni concurred saying ZESA cable thefts at pump stations had become a major threat which now required government intervention.

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