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Zimbabwe: Parks Officials Kill Mhangura Stray Lion

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ZIMBABWE Parks and National Wildlife Authority (Zimparks) has confirmed capturing and killing a stray lion which was part of the suspected five lions that had been terrorising farming communities in Doma under Mhangura constituency since January.

Doma area in Ward 1 Mhangura constituency shares the border with Chenanga Game Park where wild animals including elephants and lions usually stray from into communities in Mashonaland West and Central raising the level of human-wildlife conflict.

The Parks and Wildlife spokesperson, Mr Tinashe Farawo confirmed the capture.

“Our team from Doma Safari area has been reacting to problem lions in the adjacent farming areas since last week.

“Today (Monday) they reported having shot and killed one female lion from a farm called Kentucky,” he said.

He said efforts to track and eliminate the other suspected pride were on-going. Last week, an unconfirmed number of cattle were reported to have been killed by the stray lions in Wards 1 and 2 in Mhangura.

Villagers fear for their lives after one was reported to have been attacked and injured by the lions. Ward 2 Councillor Lucky Machawira said the attacks have seen dozens of cattle being killed.

“Lions are on a rampage killing cattle and goats. The most hit areas include Kismet, Mityana and Gravelote,” he said.

They were reports of elephants destroying crops particularly maize in Ward 1.

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