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Zimbabwe: Parks Officials Capture Problem Lion

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Dete — Zimparks has reportedly captured a stray lion believed to be part of half a dozen-pride that had been camped in Dete and Mabale terrorising communities in the past few months.

Dete and Mabale are on the edge of Hwange National Park and wild animals such as lions, elephants, hyenas and other usually stray into communities fuelling human-wildlife conflict.

Last week, hyenas killed a drunken men from Dopota near Mabale after he allegedly dozed off and slept on the road.

Villagers found Doubt Dube’s half eaten body in the bush, with some hyenas guarding it.

Last month, a pride of six lions that was camped at Dete centre patrolling around Marist Brothers’ Secondary and Magoli areas killed seven goats near Central Mechanical Engineering Department (CMED) depot.

The pride also killed more than 10 goats in Mapani area.

Zimparks spokesperson Tinashe Farawo said one lion was captured Sunday.

“Zimparks veterinary doctors captured a stray lion near Cross Mabale. The lion will be released into Hwange National Park,” he said on Twitter without giving further details.

Last year a National Railways of Zimbabwe worker was killed by a lion at night soon after disembarking from a train to resume duty at one of the train sub stations where he was guarding in Dete.

In some cases, villagers have resorted to illegally hunting the wild animals as they would have lost their livestock.

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