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Zimbabwe: Heavy Rains Leave a Trail of Disaster Across Zimbabwe

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The government has issued a warning to road user to exercise caution after the continuous rains pounding across the country have left a trail of destruction with bridges are swept away while debris is blocking roads in some areas.

While farmers continue to celebrate the abundant rains which will guarantee the drought-prone Zimbabwe will have a bumper harvest, the heavy downpours experienced some parts of Zimbabwe have left a trail of disaster with some roads and bridges having been swept away.

Motorists and other road users have been left stranded.

Information Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana warned motorists to watch against rock falls which are now common in some areas due to heavy rains.

“Heavy rains that fell in Kariba since yesterday (Friday) have led to land and rock falls that have blocked the road from Harare turnoff to Heights suburb. Kariba received 53mm and more is forecast. Drivers are cautioned to drive with caution as rock falls are now commonplace here,” Mangwana said in his alert Saturday.

He added that in Headlands, Manicaland province, the government had been called to assist villagers after rains swept away Mwarazi Bridge and an alternative route is being created.

“Mwarazi Bridge on the Headlands Mayo-Chikore Road was swept away. Authorities are working on a detour. Drivers urged to exercise caution,” Mangwana said.

In Karoi, Mashonaland West province, some residents last week lost property worth thousands of dollars after blocked storm water drains caused flash floods.