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Zimbabwe: Council to Compensate Family Over Sewer

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BULAWAYO City Council will compensate a family whose property was affected by the rehabilitation of the Charlotte Crescent sewer trunk main and the deep tunnel outflow sewer at Aiselby farm in Lobenvale.

The family was occupying stand number 86 Lobenvale township, lot Kraas Babakani measuring 3 6722 acres.

“Some sewer mains traversed through existing properties and adjacent to buildings which necessitated demolitions to facilitate construction works. It should be noted that the programme was envisaged to take eight months to complete from March 31, 2016 to November 30, 2016, but to date the works are still incomplete,” reads minutes tabled at a full council meeting last week.

“The deep sewer runs through several private properties along the outfall sewer servitude.

“However, when the rehabilitation works had commenced, it became apparent the existing sewer line on Lot 86 Doreen Road, Lobenvale, cut between and very close to two structures, the main house and the cottage.

“The depth of the sewer necessitated the two buildings to be demolished to allow for a safe working environment.”

It was revealed that the property was valued at US$47 500 as at August 17, 2017.

Council said the property owners were moved out of their premises to allow demolitions, digging of trenches, laying of pipes and the reconstruction of the demolished structures.

“The compensation was meant to cover the cost of rebuilding the demolished structures.

“It must be noted that the valuation was done when the contract was in progress and some structures such as part of the fencing and water reservoirs had been demolished,” reads the minutes.

“The project is still not complete to date and there is no certain fixed date for completion and this aspect has completely changed the action plan.”

The minutes said the new plan was to compensate the family either by cash or swapping with alternative accommodation of similar value.

“Council would then take ownership of their property, Lot 86 Lobenvale, and compensation for improvements. It should be noted that there was a provision in the contract document which allows for demolitions and restoration of demolished infrastructure and services to their original condition or better,” reads the minutes.

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