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Zamfara govt condemns ACF’s attack on Gov Matawalle

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The Zamfara State Government has condemned outrightly the harsh comments against Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle by the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) over the allegation of banditry sponsorship in the state, saying the forum reacted negatively without studying carefully the statements by the Governor.

The government noted that the forum became angry when Governor Matawalle told the whole world about the burning issue of insecurity, asking whether the forum wants the terror attacks to continue unabated.

A press statement signed by the Governor’s Special Adviser on Media and Public Enlightenment, Hon. Zailani Bappa, said the northerners have lost the good old values of the north including the cherished quality leadership.

“Some few months ago when the Governors of the South-South geopolitical zone descended on Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle over the needless albeit political gold mining controversy, the Governor wondered if the North still had elders, as no one spoke in defence of the North over the spurious attacks as at then. Indeed, none did to date,” he lamented.

“In his utter disappointment, Governor Matawalle lamented that today, there is no single person or group of persons who can stand up and call Northerners to order. He noticed that we have missed that luxury of having a rallying point of elders who we could rally around and depend on any issue pertaining to our dear region.

“In a statement credited to the ACF, the body harshly asked him to disclose the names of those he accused of aiding and abetting banditry in his state, especially the latest criminal act of abduction of schoolgirls from their dormitories at GGSS Jangebe. ACF said the Federal Government should consider Governor Matawalle the culprit if he refused to so disclosed the names of the accused.

“You know, while growing up in a typical Northern home, some of us experienced wisdom from the way our parents dealt with us as their children. When there was a dispute among us, our parents would not dwell on one and harass him because he displayed unorthodox behavior in the feud. They would bring us together and calmly listen to each party before they take a decision either to settle us or reprimand the one discovered to be at apparent guilt. That is leadership. That is the wisdom of true elders.

“However, because the ACF is just a forum of political and partisan interest, it quickly and harshly passed its judgement on Governor Bello Mohammed, knowing fully well that there must be a strong security intelligence report guiding the statements of every Chief Security Officer, but disclosing the information to the public domain must follow some security steps in order not to upset the apple cart.

“Well, Governor Bello Matawalle did not make a veil statement. Either the ACF or its god-children will be unsettled in a very short time to come when their challenge would be faced. The security situation in Zamfara State is one that requires the sympathy of all. It is quite instructive that in his almost two years in office, Governor Matawalle has recorded excellent landmark achievements in terms of security in the state but was never for once commended by the ACF.

“The state has also recorded sporadic attacks with lives lost over this period of time. The ACF has never sent a single message of condolence or commiseration. But today, they angrily remember Zamfara State because its Governor decided to let his people know that there is invisible hand of traitors and saboteurs in support of banditry in the state. Now, I ask, whose bidding is the ACF actually doing?

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