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Why self-exclusion scheme is perfect for Nigerians | The Guardian Nigeria News

Why self-exclusion scheme is perfect for Nigerians | The Guardian Nigeria News

Gambling has found its place in almost every continent globally, and the number of gamblers globally seems to enjoy a rapid increase annually. Thus, it isn’t shocking that many Nigerians enjoy online gambling activities and continue to register with new gambling sites in search of a big break. Owing to the rise in a clamour for responsible gambling globally, nonprofit and government-owned bodies have begun to devise ways to protect vulnerable gamblers.

One of the most famous gambling protection techniques in recent times is self-exclusion. Believed to have been heavily promoted by the UKGC and GamStop, self-exclusion is the deliberate self-ban from online gambling activities. This mechanism works for all British casino sites and players who registered in GamStop can use only those casinos not on GamStop available in the United Kingdom and not regulated by UKGC. Even though GamStop is one of the most outstanding self-exclusion services, it isn’t available to a punter in Nigeria. Nevertheless, there are many other self-exclusion programs that players can leverage. In this article, we’ll explore why self-exclusion is perfect for Nigerians.

Why Self-Exclusion Scheme is Perfect for Nigerians
Regardless of nationality, gender, age, or other factors, gambling problems are a harsh reality, and the number of vulnerable gamblers is on a steady rise. Thanks to bodies like UKGC and services like GamStop, players can deliberately stay away from online casino sites, avoid pop-up gambling ads, and other temptations via self-exclusion.

Self-exclusion may seem like a harsh option, but it comes with its unique flexibility, such as allowing you to decide how long you want to be excluded. This means you can choose to be banned for as short as six months or for as long as six years. Below are self-exclusion pros and cons to consider as a Nigerian punter.

Addressing impending gambling problems: As stated earlier, gambling problems are real and can affect any player regardless of age, social status, or even gender. One of the primary reasons for the establishment of Gamstop and other self-exclusion schemes is to help players vulnerable to gambling problems. Once a player feels there is a possibility of getting hooked to gambling online, he or she can seek help by applying for self-exclusion.

Furthermore, players are at liberty to determine how vulnerable they are and for how long. This means that if a player falls into gambling as a place of comfort from an unrelated issue, such a player can decide to self-ban or self-exclude themselves. The exclusion can run until such a time when said player feels mentally stable enough to handle his or her gambling activities.

Gamblers are at risk of losing it all as much as they enjoy the potential of hitting the jackpot if they get lucky. Thus, the constant urge to continue playing until the Irish luke strikes are very common amongst players. Using a self-exclusion can help Nigerian players who are stuck in the online gambling loss loop break out before losing it all. Essentially, a player stuck in the loss loop can install a self-ban software or request self-exclusion from a respected service like Gamstop. While this isn’t a means of retrieving lost money, it is a great way to prevent further loss.

Self-exclusion is free:  Self-exclusion is not only beneficial to vulnerable players, but it is also of great benefit to the larger society. Hence just like GamStop, every other self-exclusion service is available for free. Hence, if a Nigerian punter decides to register for self-exclusion, all that is required are essential details and no financial implication.

Gambling disorder is an issue of concern because of its rapid growth in many societies. Making self-exclusion available to punters for free is a sure way to help vulnerable people identify the problem and take action to get help. Counselling and other help services are just as great, but the financial aspect and time dedication can be discouraging for players. Self-exclusion is almost instant and can be done from the comfort of your bedroom (just like the comfort of online gambling).

Some self-exclusion schemes, such as Gamstop, offer more than the self-ban feature. Players can obtain emotional support, psychological support, and even recovery support. With such services, it becomes easy to move on from compulsive gambling and find other valuable distractions. The non-judgmental services can arguably help speed up the recovery process of players with gambling problems.

Once registered, it can’t be disabled: One of the upsides of self-exclusion is that you can’t disable it until your time is done once you sign up. While this is a fantastic feature, many players may consider it a con because of how restrictive it comes across. If you feel like you won’t be needing a self-exclusion service for a long time, it is best to set your ban within a time frame that is reasonable to you.

Final Thought
If you choose to self-exclude as a Nigerian gambler, it is vital to note that GamStop isn’t an option you can explore. However, you can take advantage of services like Net Nanny that allows you to restrict access to gambling sites and services.

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