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What No One Will Tell You About Being A Food BloggerGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

What No One Will Tell You About Being A Food BloggerGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

Haneefah Adam is known for her food art. | Photo Hannefah Adam

So you’ve been food blogging for a while and when you started, it was all shades of amazing. While you are one of the lucky ones who have maintained the momentum, others may not have been so fortunate.

If you are thinking of going into food blogging, then, here are the things you need to know that no one would ever tell you.

You need a niche

You love food, matter of fact, you love all foods. The challenge with this is that, over time, when people want to work with you to help them do an outreach for their food brand, they will come to you specifically because you match their niche.

Pay your homage to Google

Well, what did you think? You are here now! If you expect to get any kind of traffic, you need to pay your respects to Google. Learn Search Engine Optimisation or pay someone to do it for you. Make sure to post on Google related platforms to help your food blog be found. So IF you want Google to find your food blog (so that humans that read), play by their rules.

How’s your Photography skill coming up? You need to learn that quickly

You probably thought being a food blogger means making some recipes and posting them on social media, and that is all there is to it, Right?


There’ll definitely be a point in all this process where you realise that telling food stories needs more than just a quirky looking food photo. You will have to invest in great lights and cameras and food photography classes. You can also tell that most of your successful food bloggers have amazing food pictures. So without further ado, pick up a photography course.

Photo Uber Eats

Food looks terrible under kitchen lights 

Still wondering why your pictures don’t look as great as other blogs?

Before you get serious about this…you can only shoot in daylight. But not in broad daylight. And not outside. And not between 11 and 3, and not on those crappy looking kitchen tables with those overhead kitchen lights. And most definitely not in your bathroom, even if it has the best window.

It’s a great time to consider fit fam if you are not into the healthy eating niche

Take a wild guess on who is going to be eating all that amazing food you cooked just to ensure that the traffic keeps coming in.

The only advantage to the weight gain of a food blogger is the actual real-life experience of making some healthy recipes, knowing what to cut off to lose the weight, and then having that experience for blog material.

Twitter might and might not be your best bet on social media

Well, it’s two things. Either I am terrible at using twitter or twitter is not just the best place to grow your blog. So should you even have a twitter account? Oh, please go ahead. Use it to spread the news about your blog. But don’t spend a lot of time thinking up material. Just recycle what you use on your blog and other social media platforms.

Being a Food Blogger is one of the most amazing paths you can get on

Every day you wake up to doing just what you love like every other person who has found their path in life. You get to work on sharing what you love with people. With food lovers and families and people like you.

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