Home Sports What are the best Nigerian sports markets to bet on?

What are the best Nigerian sports markets to bet on?

What are the best Nigerian sports markets to bet on?

In Nigeria, betting is big business, and Nigerians just can’t seem to get enough of betting on their favourite sports. The sports betting market in Nigeria is now the fastest growing market in Africa: Nigerians spend a staggering $5 million every single day betting on the sports that appeal to them most. With betting legal across all 36 states, the betting market is expected to grow a further 20% over the next five years.

With bookmakers looking to serve the boom in Nigeria,sportsbet.io accepts punters from Nigeria now and provides them the opportunity to bet on the sports of their choice. Whether it’s football, cricket, rugby, or boxing, there is ample opportunity for Nigerians to place their bets and follow their favourite teams. As the industry continues to grow, you may be wondering what the best, and most popular, markets in Nigeria are and where does $5 million get placed on a daily basis?

The most popular sport in the world

It may come as no surprise that the sport that ranks highest in popularity across the world, is also the most popular sport in Nigeria: football. Nigerians are in love with all things football-related, and when it comes to betting, they will bet on matches from around the world.

Whether it is the UEFA Champions League, the FIFA World Cup, or the English Premier League, those based in Nigeria are keen to get in on the action. There is also, of course, the Nigerian national team who, although experiencing a dip in form, are still well worth placing a bet on (although the manager of the Super Eagles may be facing some challenging times ahead).

The rough and tumble of rugby

Although Nigeria may not have set the world of rugby union alight with their national team, there is still a huge interest in the game throughout the country. The Nigerian national team currently ranks as 70th in the world, but this doesn’t deter bets being placed as other countries take centre stage.

It could be the thrill of the 6 nations, domestic teams competing across Europe, or, the highlight of the rugby union calendar, the World Cup. With South Africa currently reigning as world champions, perhaps this adds to the desire for Nigerians to see their own national team rise through the rankings and one day take the crown.

NBA Basketball

Nigeria may seem a million miles away from all that goes with the NBA, but Nigerians have a huge passion for basketball, and its popularity is ever-increasing. What makes the sport such a favourite with those that bet in Nigeria? It could well have something to do with their homegrown talent which has now taken centre stage and are currently playing in the NBA, with 19 players of Nigerian origin with the three Antetokounmpo brothers amongst them.


Nigerians also have a huge passion for American football. The popularity of betting on this sport may well come from the fact that Nigerian players are having more and more success, with many now playing within the NFL.

The success of these players has seen Nigeria make a move towards developing talent at the grassroots: a pool of players primed to make it to the next level. As more and more Nigerians breakthrough, you can be sure that betting on this sport will continue to increase.

The sport of kings

Like many other countries around the world, horse racing is a popular sport that is bet on in Nigeria. Although not a sport that is widely participated in in the country, Nigerians are still keen to place their bets on horse events around the world

It could be the Grand National, the Cheltenham Festival, or the Kentucky Derby, whatever the event those in Nigeria are keen to get in on the action.

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