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Waiting for credibility assessment of U.S. elections | The Guardian Nigeria News

Waiting for credibility assessment of U.S. elections | The Guardian Nigeria News

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The United States elections have come and gone; and, as normal under democracy, the atmosphere in the country is enveloped with mixed feelings due to the fact that some won; and some lost at different levels of the contests. I use this medium to congratulate all those that were deservedly elected (including the Nigerian-American trio of Oye Owolewa, Nnamdi Chukwuocha, and Esther Agbaje).In the same vein, I wish to also give kudos to other candidates who “were not so fortunate to be elected”, for their worthwhile and commendable efforts. The U.S. is unequivocally, one of the best democracies in the world. As such, it is a distinguishing honour for anyone to be cleared to participate in the electoral process. This is definitely not the end of your political journeys; because, with determination, perseverance and, the grace of God; your time to be elected will surely come as was in the case of the great Abraham Lincoln.

In my “Letter to The United States’ Electorates” before the election, I posited that for us who are not eligible to vote, the best we could do was to either keep our fingers crossed to observe, and wait for its outcome; or, to try to support the process by identifying and proffering some key performing indices that are very crucial to making informed decisions at the polls. This write up will focus more on the aftermath issues; especially, the plethora of allegations of irregularities coming from the incumbent President and candidate of the Republican Party. Ordinarily, judging from the results that have been called and made available in the public domain by mainstream media; the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party (Joe Biden) has satisfied all necessary requirements to be the next president. As such, one would have expected the “runner-up” (as per the results under reference) to “concede” and “congratulate” the “acclaimed winner”; but, Mr. Trump has insisted that “he also could rightly claim victory” if not for the “anomalies” perpetrated in some states which led to the “false results” being called and circulated. Consequently, he has approached the court for determination of the issues raised; and, by this action, it simply means that there is a “snag on the credibility of the process” that must be resolved before the “true winner” can be called/declared.

In view of the foregoing, the social media has been buzzing in reaction to the President’s allegations with a lot of people describing him as a “sore loser” and other unprintable names. However, whichever ways we tend to look it; either from the “pro” or “anti” Trump perspectives; the fact remains that he is “legally entitled” to challenge the process/outcome of the election if there is/are “compelling evidence(s) to prove his case”. Thankfully, the U.S. is known for her undiluted supports and promotion of the principle of “Rule of Law”; and, no amount of murmurings, name-calling, and individual or collective sentimental-expectations would dissuade the Court from doing its work of ensuring that justice is served. Therefore, I want Americans to have it at the back of their minds that most of the nascent democracies in the world look up to the U.S. as role model; and, it will not augur well if “these allegations are not cleared through proper investigations and judicial determinations”. Thus, it will be in the best interest of democracy as the acclaimed “most popular form of government” if the U.S. Supreme Court thoroughly dissects the nitty-gritty of all the issues to ascertain If there are “substantial” evidence(s) to prove any wrong doings or otherwise; and, pass a verdict where justice is served without minding whose ox is gored. The “air must be cleared”; because, the world anxiously waits to see the “unblurred and true results”.

A lot of people will see this write up as “unimportant” and an “act of crying more than the bereaved”, but, the fact remains that the world is a “global village” and any crucial issue that affects one country, (most especially, one of the leading economies), will directly or indirectly have an impact on some others in the short or long run. We may not have the locus to join in the suit(s); but, as advocate of sustainable democracy and good governance, we have the right to“ want to know” and, or “want to be sure” that the right things “were and are” done in accordance with subsisting democratic principles. If the U.S. “must remain” a force to be reckoned with in the comity of democratic super powers; then, she “must be seen to come to equity with clean hands”; otherwise, the developing democracies will no longer take her serious whenever she tries to assert or defend democratic principles in such countries.

Consequent upon the foregoing, it will not be legally and morally justifiable for anyone to want to “condemn”; “write-off”; “discourage”; and, “criminalize” Mr. President for opting to exercise his lawful right to challenge the process/outcome of the elections if he has genuine reasons to do so. At this juncture, it is expected that the world should patiently watch and wait for the unraveling of the “mysterious possibilities or impossibilities” of the existence of the “alleged irregularities”. It may interest everyone to know that if any of these allegations/irregularities truly transpired;“some other technologically advanced super powers” must have also “detected” from “wherever”; and, they are just waiting to see if the U.S. will be “honest enough to say it as it is”. If that be the case, then, all well meaning Americans should rise above sentiments and political affiliations to support the Courts to do the rightful on this issue. It is a known fact that the Americans are “fighters/defenders of human and basic rights”.

The whole world witnessed your doggedness and fierce fight against “injustice” during the “Black Lives Matter” protests and on several other issues; and, it will amount to “double standard” and “perversion of fair treatment” if the same people will not want to give President Trump the benefit of the doubt to prove his case on this issue beyond “reasonable doubt” or “otherwise”. We should all keep calm and allow the end to justify the means.

At this point, it is very important to state it clearly that this write up is not meant to give credence or otherwise to any allegation(s) tainting the transparency of the election or to prejudiced the suits in court on the subject matter; but, to unequivocally support “fair treatment” in the creditability assessment of the facts in issue towards ensuring that justice is served at the end of the day.

Oise-Oghaede wrote from Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria.

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