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University Of Nigeria Affiliate Campus Asked Us To Pray Before We Can Graduate — Aggrieved Students

University Of Nigeria Affiliate Campus Asked Us To Pray Before We Can Graduate — Aggrieved Students

Some students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka affiliated with the Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) in Lagos have lamented the delay in the processing of their results.

The students, who are of the 2018/2019 graduating set, said some administrative staff members in the institution told them that graduating is by God’s intervention.

Some of the students complained of inability to take up good jobs and further their studies both locally and internationally as they have not even been cleared by the school authorities with no explanation for the delay.

The students said they have not been issued statements of results and neither do they have any certificate to tender at job interviews or other schools where they planned to further their studies.

According to them, there is no memo from the school authorities on the cause of the problems and how to go about resolving them.

Some of the students alleged that the delay is from the mother campus, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, as students’ statements of results have yet to be issued and the Senate list has not been collated.

A student of the institution said, “We have finished since 2019 and our set in other schools have gone for the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme and here we are, even clearance we are being denied. This is wrong, NYSC registration has started and we can’t register, are we going to serve after 10 years?

“I even heard from a previous set that there’s a fee we need to pay which is like N35,000 for certificates.”

The student said he had stayed for one year and 4 months after his project defence with no memo as regards what to do next.

Another said, “All the good jobs I have seen out there are demanding NYSC certificate as necessary before appointment. Even before they made the clearance form available to us, it took them more than a year, YABATECH students had already begun NYSC registration.”

One of the students claimed the problem is not from the mother school but from the management of the UNN affiliate in YABATECH. 

He said, “My cousin schools in Anambra, same UNN affiliate, they did their clearance after the examination, and now their Senate list is out. The problem is our management as we finished our examination before them.”

Another student lamented, “I count myself lucky to be having a physical interview with the Managing Director of a reputable company next week but I don’t have a statement of results or certificate or proof that I went to a higher institution. No NYSC certificate, nothing. What will I say when I get there? This is sad. Please answer us, we can’t let opportunities go because we don’t have a certificate.”

One of the students who complained said a lot of resources had gone into running the four-year course, including finance, time and energy.

“So after paying N78,500, N66,000, N66,000 and N72,000 and numerous departmental fees, journal fee and every other fee, this is what we will get? No, I didn’t sign up for this. If the management can’t handle our programme, they should scrap it. We are people’s children for heaven’s sake.”

According to one of the students, the Head of Department of one of the departments had said, “Help is on the way. Relax. May will not miss you. We are not sleeping on the case. I wanted everyone to be ready. It is well.”

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