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Uganda: Govt Reopens Markets, Gyms

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Government yesterday cleared mobile markets, cinemas and gyms to reopen on Saturday as long as they maintain social distancing.

Minister of Health Ruth Jane Aceng told journalists at her home in Bukasa-Muyenga that government had also revised the number of people for a meeting from 70 to 200.She, however, warned about observing the standard operating procedures (SOPs) aimed at avoiding the spread of Covid-19.

Gymnasiums and massage parlours will also resume. Bars will remain closed, but casinos and gaming outlets will resume business. Dr Aceng said they will reopen if the National Gaming and Lotteries Board is satisfied with their SOPs. Their operating time has been limited between 6:30am to 7pm.

“All aspiring politicians should ensure their gatherings are limited to 200 people, must wear a facemask, keep two metres apart and advised to avoid using open car roof and waving to the population while moving,” she said.

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