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Tunisia: ‘Tunisia Has Established Its State Around Science and Knowledge,’ Says Mechichi

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Tunis/Tunisia — (TAP correspondent Yamina Touati) – Prime Minister hichem Mechichi inaugurated on Sunday afternoon the Habib Bourguiba Pavillion in Paris, the second “Maison de Tunisie” that will help double the accommodation offer for Tunisian students and researchers.

A ceremony was held on the occasion and was attended by Tunisia’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Olfa Ben Ouda and France’s Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation Frédérique Vidal, Tunisia’s Ambassador in France and Head of the Administration Council of the Maison de Tunisie Foundation Karim Jamoussi, Rector of Ile-de-France Academic Region Christophe Kerrero, Rector of Paris Academy, Chancellor of Paris and Ile-de-France universities and President of the National Foundation of the Paris International City, Honorary Vice-President of the State’s Council Jean-Marc Sauvé.

The ceremony was followed by a documentary movie tracing the foundation’s history. a place of knowledge that hosted since 1953 the Tunisian elites who then held high positions at the Tunisian and international levels.

In his speech, Mechichi highlighted the absolute priority granted by Tunisia to education as a development and social prosperity tool.

This is the very same belief that led Lamine Bey to ink the 1948 Decree for the creation of the “Maison de Tunisie” that will only see the light on 1953 yet it did not prevent the Tunisians to study in France well before that.

“Tunisia has established its state around science and knowledge,” he indicated.