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Too hairy for a lady

Too hairy for a lady

Dear Bunmi,

I feel like such a freak because I have very noticeable hair all over my body. It’s on my face, back, stomach, buttocks, legs and hands. I have to cover up, so I can’t wear trendy, skimpy clothes like my friends. And I’m sick of constantly having to shave off stubble. My hairiness gets me down every day, especially when people comment on it. How can I learn to live with it? Better still, can I get rid of it?

Marie, by e-mail.

Dear Marie,

Removing body hair could be really tricky. You can have it waxed off at a reputable salon. This leaves you hair-free for several weeks. Laser treatment or electrolysis is a permanent option that is not available in the country.

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Whether you choose to remove your hair or keep it, the vital thing is not to feel awful about it. Most women have noticeable body hair.  You probably don’t spot your friends’ hair because they remove it. As you’re so worried about your own hair, you may have blown the problem up out of proportion.

Relax, build your confidence and think about your good points. Everyone has body hair. There’s no need to feel like a freak because you do. 

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