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The Tastes Of India: 5 Destinations And Dishes | The Guardian Nigeria News

The Tastes Of India: 5 Destinations And Dishes | The Guardian Nigeria News

Akshardham, Delhi | Image: Urban Adventures

Before delving into the Indian cuisine, you have to understand that India is a very large country which in turn creates room for diversity and variety of dishes. India is the second-most populous country, the seventh-largest country by land area, and the most populous democracy in the world.

Given the range of diversity in soil type, climate, culture, ethnic groups, occupations and religion, these cuisines vary substantially from each other, using locally available spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruit.

One of the mottoes of India is Atithi Devo Bhava which means “The guest is equivalent to God”, in other words, you’re bound to have a new world of taste-bud exciting experience in India.

Delhi is the capital of India. According to Anubhav Sapra, the founder of Delhi Food Walks, if you want to try food from any region in India, you can find it in Delhi. The city’s classic dishes include Butter chicken curry or murg makhani, a curry of chicken in a spiced tomato, butter and cream sauce.

Butter Chicken | Image: Wikipedia

The Gali Paranthe Wali (the street of fried bread) is a street in Chandni Chowk particularly for food eateries since the 1870s. Almost the entire street is occupied by fast food stalls or street vendors.

Gujarati is a state on the western coast of India. Gujarati food is primarily vegetarian. Many Gujarati dishes are distinctively sweet, salty, and spicy at the same time.

Dhokla is the entirely vegetarian dish from Gujarat which is made from fermented rice batter and split chickpeas. It is more of a snack but doesn’t matter because it is a very versatile dish.

Kadhi | Image: Pulses Org

Kadhi (a sour yoghurt curry with vegetable fritters), Sabzi (a mixed vegetarian dish)


Mumbai | Image: Jane Sweeney-Telegraph

Maharashtra is a state in the western peninsular region of India. The state capital is Mumbai, the most populous urban area in India. Maharashtra cuisine covers a range from mild to very spicy dishes. Some of the popular dishes include puran poli, ukdiche modak, Thalipeeth and batata wada.

Vada Pav | Image: Cook With Manali

Vada pav is a vegetarian fast food which consists of a deep-fried potato dumpling placed inside a bread bun (pav) sliced almost in half through the middle.

Misal is a speciality dish, its name literally translated to a mixture of everything, so the ingredients vary from cook to cook. However, a combination of these ingredients is the most common in a typical misal: curd, pav, moth bean or pea curry, gravy, spiced potatoes, and garnishings such as onions, coriander, and tomatoes.

Punjab is a state in northern India. Some popular dishes that are exclusive to Punjab are Sarson Da Saag, Tandoori chicken and Shami kebab.

Tandoori chicken is a chicken dish prepared by roasting chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices in a tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven.

Whole Tandoori Chicken | Image: Love Laugh Mirch

Shami kabab It is composed of a small patty of minced meat, generally beef, but occasionally lamb or mutton, with ground chickpeas, egg to hold it together, and spices. Shami kebab is eaten as a snack or an appetizer

Goa is a state on the southwestern coast of India within the region known as the Konkan. Rice, seafood, coconut, vegetables, meat, pork and local spices are some of the main ingredients in Goan cuisine. The area is located in a tropical climate, which means that spices and flavours are intense. Goan food is considered incomplete without fish.

Ros Omelette | Image: Mathrunhumi

Ros omelette is one of the most popular snacks and street foods in Goa, it is traditionally sold on food carts on streets.

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