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Tanzania: World Bank 2.6 Tri/ – Support Shows Trust in Tanzania

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THE media in Tanzania and beyond was yesterday awash with information that the World Bank is committed to support the country with five more development projects, worth 1.15bn US dollars, which is equivalent to around 2.6tri/-.

The money is in addition to 4.9bn US dollars, which is equivalent to 11.2tri/- that the bank has so far approved for development schemes in the country, which in a nutshell shows the trust that it has in the State.

As we take hats off to the World Bank through its Country Director Ms Mara Warwick, it should be a challenge to the country (read government and entrusted leaders of projects’ targeted) that the funds would be directed and spent, where marked.

It is worth reflecting that Ms Warwick assured President Samia Suluhu Hassan that the WB will maintain its long standing cooperation with Tanzania, especially supporting the government’s efforts to improve economy and community development as per Vision 2025.

In her clarifications, she (Ms Warwick) said the WB would continue extending its support to poor people and vulnerable groups through supporting development infrastructure, markets, education sector and installation of modern digital systems, which are the concern/targets of the government in this case.

Stretching the target to Zanzibar, she mentioned the global financial institution bankrolling the Island’s power and water projects as well as urban and rural development programmes, further show the high trust they have in expenditure of their funds.