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Tanzania: Tourist Hotel Debuts New Innovative Thermometer Tech

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Serena Hotel in Tanzania has deployed a groundbreaking technology that reads body temperature a few metres upon entry to its facilities. This is meant to attract more tourists and ensure they are free from Covid-19.

The hotel is one of the pioneers in Tanzania to deploy this state-of-the-art non-contact digital infrared thermometer and fever detection system, uplifting the hospitality industry’s standards for customer care, as well as visitor and staff safety.

“We are obliged to keep the safest environment for our dearest tourists and workers. This cutting-edge technology supports us in our mission in real time,” said General Manager at Tourism Promotion Services (TPS), which runs Serena Hotels, Mr Rahim Azad.

“Indeed, the guests who stayed and experienced the technology at Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge say the equipment represents the best of what technology can offer for the wellness of all who visit the hotel.”

“The technology is highly accurate, detecting temperature and the technology doesn’t allow individuals with abnormal body temperature to access the lodge. We are very impressed with the hotel’s attention to safety,” said Swiss tourists’ group leader, who stayed at Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge, Mr Goncala Louren.

The Lodge Manager, Mr Nickson Kanyika, noted that the technology was fixed on the main door entering the reception area where all guests and staff were scanned.

Others are face recognition for temperature check-up popularly known as forehead temperature measurement, automatic hand sanitiser and soap dispenser.

“We have also key card UV steriliser, ultraviolet sterilamp – for dining table steriliser, a 50ml sanitiser and facemasks in the room for guest use,” Mr Kanyika explained.

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