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Tanzania: Tanesco Emerges Overall Winner At Shinyanga Show

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TANZANIA Electric Supply Company Limited (Tanesco) has emerged the overall winner of the just-ended three-day Mining Technology and Trade Fair exhibition held in Shinyanga Region.

Tanesco contributed to the exhibition by providing 78 electricity poles, installation of a-315 KV transformer as well as a 3.8 km wire on the 63-acre exhibition ground, all valued 107m/-.

Speaking during the closure of the show, the Chairman of the Mining Commission, Prof Idriss Kikula, announced Twiga Barrick and Petra Diamond Williamson as the second and third winners respectively.

“Tanesco has emerged the overall winner because it brought in solid electricity infrastructure and let all participants, including small and larger-scale investors, comfortably participate in the exhibition due to energy services. I’m happy to hear that 21 public institutions, 216 entrepreneurs and 13 industries have participated in these exhibition,” Prof Kikula said.

He said that for a long time artisanal miners were asking for reliable electricity supply, which would help them to fully engage in mining activities.

He revealed that the mining sector has huge contribution to the national income — especially after the government made some huge reforms in the sector.

Shinyanga District Commissioner Ms Jasinta Mboneko, who represented Regional Commissioner Ms Zainab Telack, said that the exhibition will be conducted every year in recognition of the contribution of mining sector to the nation’s economic growth.

“The mining stakeholders have displayed their various technologies; entrepreneurs have showcased their products, and made profits. These exhibitions, therefore, should not be taken for granted, but must be sustained,” Ms Mboneko said.

Tanesco Public Relations Officer Ms Sara Libogoma said that all artisanal miners’ sites have already been connected with power through Rural Energy Agency (REA).

She said the company is doing everything in its capacity to ensure all mining sites are connected with electricity

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