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Tanzania: Samia Spices Up Tourism

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PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has officially started recording a famous programme dubbed Royal Tour aimed at marketing the country internationally.

The programme is part of the government’s robust strategies to brand the country through promotion of available economic opportunities. tourism and investment attrac- tions on August 28 this year in various areas in Zanzibar.

A royal tour is when mem- bers of the Royal Family go on an official visit also known as a state visit overseas, touring as many locations as they can make time for and visiting officials and the locals.

Usually, the host country will put forward suggestions of places to visit and these will then be approved by the Royal Family.

Typically, the visits during the tour will relate to the matters the host government wants to draw the most attention to, while also showcasing their country as a tourist destination to the world. It’s for this reason that the host government will usually cover the costs of a royal tour, apart from the international flights to get there and back, which are covered by the UK government.deal a tour is the Royal Family’s way of acting as ambassadors for the United Kingdom; helping to improve relations between us and other countries.

Speaking at the climax of the weeklong CRDB Bank sponsored Kizimkazi festival at Kizimkazi Dimbani village on Saturday President Samia said that the government has embarked on aggressive strategies to brand the country through promo- tion of available economic opportunities, globally.