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Tanzania: Residents Urged to Protect Water Infrastructure in City

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DODOMA Urban MP Anthony Mavunde has called upon Dodoma residents to protect water infrastructure in the city.

Speaking during the launch of water wells in Chigongwe Ward at the weekend, Mr Mavunde said several cases had been reported in relation to cutting of water pipes, which leads to water losses in various parts of the city.

The MP explained that such behaviour was unbearable and thus he asked residents to participate fully in protecting water infrastructure.

“This is criminal. When you cut water pipes you deny other people’s right to have clean and safe water, all of us should be protectors of water pipes to ensure they are safe for our good,” he insisted.

According to Mr Mavunde, the launched 30m/- well would help address water challenges in the area. He said the project was part of 20 water wells promised during the 2020 general election campaign.

Mr Mavunde said he had drilled 15 wells in five months after his re-election.

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