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Tanzania: RC – Involve Residents in Water Conservation Exercise

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THE Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner (RC) Anna Mghwira has instructed district councils in the area to ensure they mobilize their residents to fully get involved in water conservation in grassroots.

The RC issued the directive over the weekend while opening a stakeholders’ workshop to discuss the 15-year strategic plan for the conservation of water resources under the Pangani Basin Water Office (PBWO) in Moshi, Kilimanjaro region.

“PBWO are working hard to fulfill their responsibilities related to the preservation, efficiency and utilization of water resources… this includes providing education, however, you at the Local Governments must work closely with them to ensure water sources are safe and continue to reach grassroots for human consumption,” she pointed out.

Elaborating, she called upon the private sector in the region to set aside a special budget for the maintenance of water sources in areas they operate.

Highlighting the importance of the water issue, Ms Mghwira noted that the government in the region has specific agendas on water conservation and working on its challenges.

Equally, the RC instructed contractors hired in the construction of residential and commercial buildings in the region to make sure they avoid tampering with any water installation structures.

Speaking at the workshop, Chairman of the Pangani Basin Water Board (PBWB), Dr Victor Runyoro, said the work is progressing, though they face severe shortage of staff.

“Against the number required, we have skeleton workforce forcing the work to go on slowly in all the 22 district councils PBWO operates. The challenge is critical given our contribution and institution’s activities,” he added.

However, Dr Runyoro thanked various stakeholders that provided and still continue to cooperate with PBWO in carrying out its responsibilities.

On his part, PBWO Director, Mr Segule Segule, said their leadership succeeded in reducing conflicts related to water uses, citing frequent education to the stakeholders and public on water conservation.

“Currently majority of the conflicts have been settled… between 2015 to 2019, we resolved more than 80 conflicts especially through public education,” he added.

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