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Tanzania: Pbwb Warns Against Human Activities Near Water Sources

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THE Pangani Basin Water Board (PBWB) management has warned residents who engage in human activities, including agricultural activities, near water sources and dams, saying their actions could land them to court.

The warning was issued by PBWB Director Segule Segule, when talking to reporters recently on measures taken by his office to protect and preserve the environment in the area.

He said legal measures would be taken against all those involved in agricultural and construction activities near reserved areas and water sources.

“Agricultural activities near river and dam banks have a significant impact as regards water pollution and reduced water storage capacity. The Pangani Basin Water Board continues providing education on environmental protection and conservation,” he added.

He explained that if residents were left to continue engaging in those activities, the government would end up spending a lot of money on cleaning up water sources.

“It is better for the people to abide by rules and regulations related to water sources,” he explained.

In another development, Director of Water Resources, Dr George Lugomela, has directed PBWB to plant natural vegetation around water sources to protect them.

Speaking during his tour of 12 villages near Nyumba ya Mungu in Mwanga District, Dr Lugomela said the government had set aside more than 450m/- for classifying and marking areas surrounding Nyumba ya Mungu Dam to prevent encroachment.

He added: “The aim of the government is to prevent human activities near river and dam banks, Nyumba ya Mungu Dam is very important because it is one of the sources of hydroelectricity. “

The dam is also the main source of the government’s Mwanga-Same-Korogwe water project expected to benefit residents of three districts,” he said.

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