Home Business Tanzania: Joy As Cashew Farmers Pocket 11.6 Billion/-

Tanzania: Joy As Cashew Farmers Pocket 11.6 Billion/-

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TANDAHIMBA, Newala Cooperative Union (TANECU) has sold nearly 5390 tonnes of raw cashew nuts worth 11.6bn/, including 710 tonnes that had been rejected by middlemen on claims that the produce were not of good quality.

The produce were sold out at the tenth auction held in Newala over the weekend at prices ranging between 2,100/- and 2,307/- per kilogramme.

Speaking during the auction, the Vice Chairman of TANECU Mr Shaibu Njauka said that the cashews were sold at such prices due to low turnout of buyers.

“The highest price was 2,307/- per kg and lowest was 2,100/-. The farmers agreed to bid their produce at the prices,” he said, noting that all the 5,394 tonnes had been stored at the TANECU warehouses.

Acting Director General of the Cashew Nut Board of Tan zania, Mr Alfredy Francis urged farmers to ensure cashew nuts are well preserved post-harvest to maintain the quality of the produce and attract good prices.

He said some of the cooperative unions have been receiving low quality cashew nuts due to poor storage and handling by farmers post-harvest.

Earlier, the buyers refused to bid for the 710 tonnes of cashew nuts at the 9th auction held in Tandahimba District, claiming that the produce had excess moisture beyond standards and were likely to rot.

The CBT later conducted quality inspection and declared the merchandise clean and first grade quality, and urged buyers to purchase the cashews at the next auction.