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Tanzania: Investments Have Turned Tanzania Into Hub of Medical Tourism

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TANZANIA has made tremendous progress in the health sector resulting to improved healthcare services as well as positioning the country as a hub for medical tourism.

This is the result of huge investments in the country’s health sector that have helped enhance availability of not only routine health services but also specialised healthcare services. In the past five years, for example, the government has spent 3.01tri/- to finance health services with major funding devoted to the construction of 198 new dispensaries and repairing 487 health centres.

Maintenance was undertaken on 69 district hospitals and 10 regional referral hospitals during the past five years. The country’s quest to increase investment in healthcare aimed at providing high quality as well as enhanced accessibility of services to the population.

Investments in specialised services have reduced the number of patients seeking medical treatment abroad at exorbitant costs by over 95 per cent from between 200 and 300 patients annually to less than 60.

Government efforts to increase investment in the health sector have eventually made the nation attract patients from neighbouring countries. Some of the neighbouring countries whose patients come to Tanzania for various health services are Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Comoro, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda and Burundi.

Medical tourism gives patients access to instant medical care with a short to zero waiting period. There is a growing recognition that achieving good health in a community requires much more than effective medical services.