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Tanzania: Govt Gives Tactics to Keep Elephants Away From Villages

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COMMUNITIES living near or around national parks have been advised to put chili fences or grease to dissuade elephants from entering and destroying their farms.

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Natural Resources, Ms Mary Masanja also urged the communities along Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) to shy away with human activities alongside the traditional elephant routes to avert any harm.

She gave the advice in Parliament yesterday during the question and answer session.

She was responding to Ms Cecilia Pareso (Special Seats-Chadema) who wanted to know the measures taken by the government to avert dangers, injuries and protecting wananchi’s crops from marauding elephants.

She said with increase of human populations, natural areas are reduced, and human-wildlife activities in NCAA have increased, thus the need for more efforts and methods to prevent elephants from entering the farms.

The government is using all means possible to protect the public from being injured and protect crops from being destroyed by elephants. She said elephants have been causing chaos to residents and thus affects community’s livelihood.

The government has come up with a number of alternative methods to protect elephants from entering the communities, including beehive farming, chili fence plants and spraying a mixture of grease oil and chili powder alongside their fences.

Moreover, she said the government is on a number of awareness campaigns to educate the public on the need to shy away from plantings crops which attract wild animals, like sisal, sugarcane, watermelon and banana.