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Tanzania: Dealers React On Cement Crisis

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AS Regional Commissioners are expected to submit to Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa reports on investigation on the alleged shortage of cement today (November 20, 2020), several distributors say high demand for the building material led to the crisis.

They told this paper that supply could not meet huge demand for cement for major infrastructure projects and individual use for construction of residential and commercial high-rise buildings.

Executive Director of Moshi-based Five Star Hardware Limited, Frank Alfred said cement supply was not sufficient to meet the rising demand from new construction activities by the government and the people as the holiday season approaches.

He said there was a significant demand growth of cement from government supported infrastructure projects and booming construction activities in urban and semi-urban areas to meet rising housing needs due to rapid urbanization.

He said they use to send ten trucks to a cement plant and they will all be loaded with cement immediately but of recent, it was taking nearly ten days to load one truck.

Cement manufacturers were taking longer than usual to meet their supply orders, he said noting that there are problems in supply.

“We often remain with depleted stock and at the same time, our trucks spend much more days before we get new supplies, which increase operational costs.”

“You’re in trouble if you took a bank loan. They don’t care if you’re doing business or not. What they care about is their loan repayment,” Mr Alfred claimed.