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Tanzania: Crdb Wins Best Tanzania Bank Award

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CRDB Bank has earned global award as the best bank in Tanzania thanks for lender’s innovative and convenient way of reaching and serving customers.

The bank has over the years come up with a number of solutions to better customer challenges especially loaning those without tangible collateral.

Global Finance awarded CRDB the best bank in the country due to its keenly listening and living its motto ‘The Bank that listens’ and improves customers challenges.

According to the bank statement issued on Monday, Global Finance named CRDB alongside 34 other best banks in Africa that won country category. The banks in East Africa are KCB in Kenya, Stanbic in Uganda and I&M in Rwanda.

Speaking on the award, CRDB Bank Managing Director and Group CEO, Abdulmajid Nsekela noted that the award is another validation that the Bank is on track in its customer-centric approach to financial services delivery.

The young CEO also thanked CRDB Bank’s customers for their input that drives the Bank’s innovation and commitment to world-class customer support.

“It’s a great honour to accept Global Finance’s Best Bank in Tanzania Award, we dedicate this award to our customers – they continue to motivate us every day to be innovative in our products and responsive in our services,” said Nsekela.

“Our customers are at the heart of Bank’s innovation, our products consider the diverse needs of our customers and are primarily consumer-driven,” he added.

In 2019, CRDB Bank made a deliberate decision to transform its operations with a focus on improving operational efficiency and providing excellent customer experience.

The Bank also invested in the digital technologies to deliver a more robust service to its customers.

The Bank’s digital platforms such as CRDB Wakala, SimBanking and Internet banking plays an important role in increasing financial inclusion especially in disadvantaged areas, serving more than 3 million customers across the country.

The Bank is also keen on SMEs financing considering an integral role the sector plays in terms of production, employment generation, and contribution to exports. In 2019, the Bank designed a product for micro-entrepreneurs best-known as ‘Machinga’.