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Tanzania: Crdb Launches Campaign to Reach More Clients

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CRDB Bank has launched ‘Tupo Mtaani Kwako’ (we are on your street) campaign to encourage the use of banking services and connect more clients to use the lender’s services.

The campaign has come at the right time as the bank’s penetration is about 20 per cent.

However, mobile banking has pushed services penetration to over 70 per cent.

CRDB Bank Chief Commercial Officer, Dr Joseph Witts, said the ‘Tupo Mtaani Kwako’ campaign would help educate clients about various opportunities offered by bank, provide education and financial advice, expose clients to CRDB Bank services, including account opening.

“As a patriotic bank we have a responsibility to ensure we help improve the lives of Tanzanians through our products and services. Through this campaign we are going to fulfill this responsibility by visiting every street throughout Tanzania to ensure Tanzanians benefit from the opportunities offered by their bank,” Dr Witts said during the launch of the campaign at the weekend.

CRDB Bank, listed on Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE), saw its share last week appreciate to 180/- a unit.

The bank posted high performance in a year to September after its profit jumped 31 per cent to 120bn/- despite Covid-19 challenges.

Dr Witts said CRDB Bank planned to use its team of experienced banking staff to visit clients wherever they were, be it in office, market, store, bus stand and provide services.

“We will use vehicles and also put gazebos to reach clients on the streets,” Dr Witts said while urging clients to utilise the campaign to open an account and understand their bank better.