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Tanzania: Clerics Invited to Invest in Religious Tourism

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THE government has invited clerics from across the world to invest in various strategic projects in Dodoma that include religious tourism.

Religious and spiritual tourism refers to travel for religious or spiritual purposes such as undertaking a pilgrimage and visiting sacred sites.

Speaking during the ongoing “fire conference” ministered by American evangelist Dr. Dana Morey, Dodoma Regional Commissioner Dr. Binilith Mahenge said it was high time religious leaders should seize the opportunity offered by the city council to invest in the region.

“This is an opportunity that has been given by the authorities; an opportunity to all people and religious leaders,” he said.

Dr. Mahenge thanked the clerics for their efforts to mobilise voters to take part in the justended general election.

He noted that the leaders had pleaded for peace during the October 28 polls won by President John Magufuli of the ruling CCM party.

“The government is grateful and extends its sincere appreciation as the elections have ended peacefully,” he said.

Dr Mahenge recalled the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, saying it was through prayers that the nation also became safe.

“Several religious leaders mobilised their followers to register and subsequently vote for the presidential, parliamentary and local council elections. Tanzanians became united and when they prayed to God, they were heard,” he said.

Dr Morey, who concluded his four-day mass prayers on Sunday in Dodoma, praised President Magufuli for working hand in hand with religious leaders and Tanzanians to maintain peace.

He urged Tanzanians to uphold peace and unity, warning that several places are still struggling to reach where Tanzania is.

He also praised President Magufuli for inviting God to help fight the pandemic which is still ravaging several nations

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