Home Business Tanzania: 15 Men Held Over Possession of Illegal Gold

Tanzania: 15 Men Held Over Possession of Illegal Gold

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THE Police Force is holding 15 people for allegedly engaging in illegal sale of 9.2gm of gold in one of the guest houses in Bariadi District.

The gold was allegedly mined at Lubaga No 2 goldmine in the district.

Regional Police Commander (RPC) Richard Abwao told reporters on Thursday that the suspects were arrested last Wednesday at about 7:00pm.

“During patrol, the police found the 15 men doing such illegal business. The law requires selling and buying of gold to take place at special centres and, off course, there is a gold market at Lubinga Mine. All about this illegal was nothing but tax evasion. It is our main role to make sure the government doesn’t lose revenue,” said the RPC.

District Commissioner (DC) Festo Kiswaga hailed the police for the job well done, affirming that the accused would face legal action to serve as a lesson to other people engaging in such criminal acts.

Mr Kiswaga insisted that the government had set a gold market in Lubinga Mine, just to control illegal god sales, adding that: “But still some people are engaging in such dirty business. Let people abide by laws to avoid unnecessary punishment.”

He said the District Defence and Security Committee usually come with new and modern techniques to control illegal mineral business and that no more penalties for the culprits, instead, whoever was caught would be taken to court to face economic sabotage charges.

“All security organs are at work day and night. We will continue hunting for and arresting the culprits. Let them stop this bad game because we have information on where illegal mineral businesses have been taking place. I ask for collaboration from good citizens here at the mine and beyond,” insisted Mr Kiswaga.

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