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Sudan: Minister of Scientific Research Affirms Concern With Scientific Research and Innovation

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Al-Obeid — The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Intisar Seghairon, has She emphasized the concerned with the scientific research and innovation through the establishment of specialized centers in the universities and the concern with the technical colleges and institutes.

Addressing the opening sitting of the Forum of Deans of Scientific Research at Universities and National Research Centers in Al-Obeid city, the Capital of North Kordofan, the minister said that the forum will discuss issues of higher education in order to reach the desired goals, affirming the importance of the forum during the transitional period that the country is witnessing.

She pointed to the challenges facing the Ministry of Higher Education and the suitability to the requirements of the current stage, indicating that education has been neglected in the past.

She stressed the importance of encouraging investment in the scientific research and its dissemination to benefit from in many fields.

The Minister affirmed the openness for cooperation and the keenness to enhance the scientific research and innovation, and to benefit from researchers and technology to open the way for inventions leading to research quality.

On his part, the Wali (governor) of North Kordofan State, pointed to the importance of the forum to find out practical experiences and research, announcing the establishment of a technical institute at the University of Kordofan under the auspices of the state’s government.

The Director of the Scientific Research and Innovation Commission at the Ministry of Higher Education, Dr. Ahmed Hassan Al-Fahl, indicated that the forum aims to unifying visions in the field of scientific research by creating smart and effective partnerships to benefit from the available capabilities to serve society, increase production and to realize sustainable development.

It is to be noted that the two-day forum was organized by the Ministry of Scientific Research and the Innovation Department at the ministry and the University of Kordofan, with the participation of the state government, the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change and bodies and personalities concerned with scientific research.

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