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South Africa: Tourism Introduces Tourism Technology Grassroots Innovation Incubation Programme

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The Department of Tourism in collaboration with the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) is embarking on a joint implementation of the Tourism Technology Grassroots Innovation Incubation Programme (TTGIIP). The programme aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and new start-up enterprises in the tourism industry, underpinned by technology, innovation and new business ideas that have potential to enhance services and experiences in tourism. The Department and TIA are co-funding this two-year project, with the TIA being the implementing agent.

Developments in technology have played a fundamental role in the growth of the tourism and travel industry. Now with the impact of COVID-19, the use of digital solutions is ever more apparent. Digitalisation affects SMME core businesses, opens new frontiers, and improves resource management efficiency and competitiveness. Through its Enterprise Development Framework, the Department of Tourism advocates entrenching technology as an integral element in tourism operations by fostering and supporting innovation in the sector through the development of strategic partnerships across the private-public sectors to leverage resources and skills for effective programme implementation.

The purpose of TTGIIP is to provide a pipeline of young South African tourism-tech entrepreneurs who can enhance or disrupt the industry as well as introduce new concepts that will help boost, sustain and create more jobs in the tourism sector.

The project will focus on four key elements of business development which include:

Business management skills of the entrepreneur through skills development and training,

The enterprise idea and prototype design and development, business viability and market testing, regulatory compliance, business financial/ risk structure and quality standards,

Facilitate start-up funding and venture capital for business expansion and,

Facilitation of market and trade linkages for commercialization of enterprises.

To inspire innovation among youth and women in the travel and hospitality sector, we invite proposals from South Africans aged 18 to 35 with a closing date of 8 January 2021. Visit our website www.tourism.gov.za to apply.

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