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South Africa: The Unfinished Business of 2020

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The most urgent item on the agenda of unfinished business of 2020 is the need for South Africa to roll out vaccines in an equitable fashion to avoid unfair discrimination in their allocation.

There is something troublingly symbolic about the initial failure of the presidential efforts to light a Candle of Hope at the Khayelitsha Hospital on New Year’s Eve.

The idea of lighting the candle was announced before Christmas, by the president himself. Some saw the announcement as a warning of load shedding to come; and come it did.

Others, less cynical, were prepared to embrace the cleansing symbolism of bringing light into a dark place and calling that light Hope. At the dawn of a new year, SA is indeed a dark place in need of hope. Not only is Eskom incapable of keeping the lights on, the entire public service, including most SOEs, is dogged by corruption, lack of capacity and an inability to prioritise that which requires urgent attention in 2021.

Whether coincidentally or by design, as the president struggled to light his widely heralded candle, the strap at the bottom of many television screens around the nation announced that Algeria will be rolling out a…

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