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South Africa: Online Launch of the Climate Transparency Report 2020

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The online launch of the Climate Transparency Report 2020 will take place on Wednesday, 18 November 2020, from 15:00 to 15:30.

Formerly called the Brown to Green Report, it was a collaborative effort involving partners from G20 countries, including the Energy Systems Research Group (ESRG) at the University of Cape Town (UCT). The ESRG was also involved with developing the South African Country Profile Report.

“The G20 represents some of the highest emitting countries in the world. They therefore have a responsibility to lead with ambitious climate action,” said Tasneem Essop, the executive director of Climate Action Network-International.

“The climate transparency report not only helps these countries understand how much more they need to do, but also helps citizens in holding these governments accountable for implementing the Paris Agreement.”

The event will kick off with the G20 Climate Action in Times of Corona Crisis webinar. Partners of the Climate Transparency network will present main findings on the G20 countries’ climate performance in the areas of mitigation, finance and adaptation. In addition, an overview of COVID-19 impacts on climate action will be given.

At every event a 20-minute presentation will be followed by an open 10-minute question-and-answer session. Partners of Climate Transparency from twelve G20 countries will be present to respond to country-specific and data-related questions.

Register to attend the event.

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