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South Africa: An Account That Grows With Your Business

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In a move aimed at transforming the banking experience for SMEs, Absa is launching a brand-new transactional account called Business Evolve Zero. Specifically designed for sole proprietors and start-ups, it comes with no monthly account fee.

Many entrepreneurs will have tales about how challenging it is to get a new business up and running. Aside from the usual funding issues, a great deal of business owners might be specialists in their own fields, but come up short when it comes to the financial management skills needed to become a successful start-up. This is a familiar story; one that Absa is about to evolve.

The Absa Business Evolve Zero Account offers more than just zero monthly fees. At its heart, it is a business management and accounting solution called Cashflow Manager. As an-end-to-end digital offering, Cashflow Manager empowers even novices to take control of their business finances like never before. Standard features include the ability to create cost estimates and generate invoices. Invoices will automatically be picked up when they are paid, to deliver reports on outstanding monies. Cashflow Manager delivers a bird’s eye view of your company’s finances, and even helps proprietors to keep track of their own money versus…

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