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Should your son be bringing home lovers to sleep over?

The fun of completing an unfinished business with an ex

Julie has just finished her stint at the private hospital where she was a matron.  His husband is a partner and a consultant at the same hospital.

His hours were less erratic than hers and as she rummaged in her kitchen in the dead of the night for something to eat, she noticed the silence seemed a bit eerie. Usually, when she came in late, Fred, her eldest son, who’d just been back from his Youth Service, would have soft music wafting from his room.

He had a steady girlfriend then, a sort of relief after his wild spree with various girlfriends – and Julie even liked this one.  As a rule, she never got involved with Fred’s girls but Tolu, his latest, warmed her way into Juliet’s life and she was already regarding her as a prospective daughter-in-law. That was until Tolu came to the hospital a couple of weeks ago, her eyes red from crying and her heart in pieces.

Fred was no longer interested in the relationship, she wailed, and she still loved him. Julie’s heart dropped.  She promised to see what she could do to jumpstart the romance …

“So that night when I came home late and everything seemed peaceful, I gave a sigh. Maybe this break-up was for the best.  At least now, Fred would start reshaping his life”, she continued. “I was about to turn in for the night when I heard e static moans escaping from Fred’s room. My heart gave a lurch surely he couldn’t be making love to another girl so soon after his romance broke up?  I was really curious. I marched up to my room which is next to his and the moans were even more distinctive. I felt really disgusted at his indifference.

“I had this sense of deja vu. You can never imagine the number of hours I’d lain awake, torturing myself imagining that randy son of mine assaulting yet another innocent girl in the name of love. The boy s not even 24 yet. How permissive should a parent get in a home where there are other younger children, including teenage girls.

“Before I woke up the next day, his `contraband’ had conveniently disappeared. Obviously,he thought I didn’t know anything about it and his sisters were looking as if they’d successfully pulled the wool over my eyes. That did it!  As soon as they finished their breakfast, I asked Fred to wait behind, that I wanted to talk to him.  He gave me his `here-we-go-again’ look and shrugged. His sisters looked sorry they were going to miss the anti-climax!  In my mother-knows-best voice, I told him I was quite fed up with his appetite for the flesh.  He should put himself in my place, I said. Here was I, laying the law down for his sisters, ordering them not to stay out longer than 10 pm, and there he was bringing girls of his sister’s age to the family home to stay the night!  How would he feel if his sisters were to stay out all night locked in the arms of some men?  His bored look infuriated me and I gave him an ultimatum: either he abided by the rules of the house or leave. He thanked me politely and left.

“Two weeks after our so-called `talk’ he told me he had decided to save me from further embarrassment. He’s found accommodation, a boys’ quarters, a friend said he could move into at Ikoyi and he was moving out immediately.  I was mildly shocked.  But he wasn’t a little boy anymore.  What’s more, I was convinced that a few weeks away from the comfort of home would soon whip him into shape. He hasn’t looked back since and he’s a more responsible man for it!”

How to give your libido a boost

What better period to discover your lost libido than the start of a New Year? A few days to go, is as good a time as anybody to start. Following these steps is bound to make your love-life hottest ever!

Sexy Food: We all know about oysters – Casanova was a 40-a-day man  – and their lusty reputation is probably due to their high zinc content. This mineral increases sperm production and reputedly sends your libido through the roof. However, if you can’t stand slurping oysters; try turkey instead as that’s high in zinc too.

For pudding, nibble a banana – not only will it look naughty, but these fruits are believed to be aphrodisiacs; as they’re rich in the sexy chemical, bufotenine. Polish off your meals with chocolates, high in theobromine, a substance that fights fatigue to give you staying power.

Sexy Exercises: Start taking regular exercise – two or three times a week for 15 – 20 minutes and your libido will receive the much needed kick up in the pants!  It will also give you more confidence in your body and promote flexibility. Studies have also shown that exercise increased genital blood flow.

Sexy Supplements: Ginger is considered to be an aphrodisiac in African countries and also in traditional Chinese medicine. It’s a well-known stimulant, it can improve your circulation and relieve flatulence!  Ginseng is another traditional remedy for a va-va-voom between the sheets, although there is no actual evidence for this. Generations of Chinese couples swear by it, but if you’re pregnant, or on any medication, consult your doctor before use.

If flow energy is your problem, and you suspect that you’re not getting all the vitamins you need from your diet, then try taking a multivitamin supplement that contains 300 percent of the recommended daily amounts of vitamins B and C, which are important for physical exercise and used up more quickly when you’re suffering from stress. When 20 women took it over a four week period, one in three experienced ‘energy nights’, and all the women felt their energy levels had increased.

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