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Rwanda: FDA Recalls ‘Pure’ Hand Sanitizer Over Poor Quality

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Based on the laboratory test results of the hand sanitizer “Pure Skin” hand sanitizer, Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has recalled the ethanol-based product from the market.

In a statement, the regulatory body said that the sanitizer failed to meet the market health standards.

“Basing on the World Health Organisation guidelines about the manufacture of hand sanitizers, the aforementioned product contained the wrong amounts of ethanol content, and hence is banned from the market,” the FDA said in a statement.

The development is confirmed when all places of gatherings have been urged to introduce washing stations or hand sanitizers at their entrances, as a means to mitigate Coronavirus

The acting Director-General of Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority, Dr Charles Karangwa said that during the Covid-19 period, more companies have opted to venture into the business of hand sanitizers, but urged the population to exercise caution.

“Many people have ventured into this business, but we are reminding the population that any sanitizer which does not contain 70-80% of ethanol is fake, and can’t kill the virus,” he confirmed to The New Times.

In the statement, FDA reminded the public to be cautious about basic information on labels to ensure quality before they can use products.

The information includes the amount of alcohol, batch number and expiry date.

Frequent use of hand sanitizers or washing hands with clean water and soap are among the best recommendations to mitigate coronavirus pandemic.

In Rwanda, 5,066 Covid-19 positive cases have been reported of whom 4, 830 have already recovered.

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