Home Entertainment PT Music artiste of the month: Afropop singer, JhamZUdeen

PT Music artiste of the month: Afropop singer, JhamZUdeen

PT Music artiste of the month: Afropop singer, JhamZUdeen

Fast-rising Nigerian Afropop singer, Ishiaka Ibrahim Shamsudeen a.k.a JhamZudeen, is the PT Music artiste of the month of November.

The Kogi-state born singer and songwriter whose music career officially began in 2018 is best known for his hit single, ‘Emergency’.

In this exclusive interview with PT Music, the Gsoul Empire signee speaks about his career and industry.


PT: What was your childhood like?

JhamZUdeen: Growing up in Idah, Kogi State was really fun and tough at the same time. My parents were not very rich, so as a young lad, sometimes I had to look after myself, of course with good parental grooming.

PT: When did you decide it was music or nothing?

JhamZUdeen: I will say it was when I saw the potentials in myself that I can literally change the world with my sound and vibes.

PT: What inspires your songs?

JhamZUdeen: I will say my mom; my environment and mood, depending on the type of vibes I need in the song.

PT: What is special about JhamZUdeen?

JhamZUdeen: A lot of things. I think I have legit unique vibes. I believe I was born special.

PT: Who are your key career influencers?

JhamZUdeen: 2Baba, Wizkid, Mayorkun and Goodgirlla

PT: What message are you passing with your lyrics?

JhamZUdeen: My lyrics preach love, romance, peace, and motivation. I always try to inspire the people around me with my music.

PT: How do you want your fans to view/perceive you?

JhamZUdeen: Greatness!

PT: Do you write your songs?

JhamZUdeen: Yes! I grew up as a songwriter.

PT: Describe how you make a track from scratch?

JhamZUdeen: Inspiration is the key. Once I get in the mood – wherever I am – I just begin to vibe to the rhythm in my head. The rest is probably left to a normal music-making routine.

PT: Where do you see yourself in a decade?

JhamZUdeen: I actually see myself and my music going global in a few years. So, in ten years….maybe I’ll be performing in outer space, provided there’s a stage there.

PT: Talking about your journey after you got signed. What has changed?

JhamZUdeen: Since I signed a management deal with Gsoul Empire, it has really been an amazing journey. I am currently working on an EP titled “Fire of Aweedar” there are tones of branding opportunities I am currently exploring, and I have high hopes for the future, and I will surely leverage on the possibilities created by my label to grow even better.

PT: Which of your tracks are you most proud of?

JhamZUdeen: I will say it was “Emergency“. It felt genuine to create and still feels genuine to vibe to.

PT: Who would you want to work with? Locally and globally?

JhamZUdeen: I will really love to work with legendary 2Baba, Davido, Teni, Goodgirlla, Mayorkun, Wizkid, and Runtown. Globally, I would love to jump into the booth with John legend, Chris Brown, and H.E.R.

PT: How did the lockdown affect your career?

JhamZUdeen: Basically, the lockdown was just like an opportunity for me to rediscover myself and restrategize for the future. I spent most of my time in the studio creating an entirely new set of sounds for my soon-to-be-released EP titled “Fire of Aweedar”.

PT: What do you think about the #ENDSars protests and movement?

JhamZUdeen: Honestly, the #Endsars protest is not really a bad idea. Citizens have to fight for their fundamental human rights. I am in support of civil movements that seek to establish equitable and just societies for everyone.

PT: What role do you think music played in organising and sustaining the #ENDSars protests?

JhamZUdeen: Music is a global language. Music travels seamlessly. I think music influenced the whole process, from motivation to execution to sustenance. Shout out to Falz, Runtown, Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, and many others who stood for the people before during, and after the protests.

PT: What are the two main challenges you face/faced as an aspiring artiste?

JhamZUdeen: My first challenge was building a solid fanbase, and the second challenge is working to retain them.

PT: What is the best life mistake you’ve made? A mistake that turned out well.

JhamZUdeen: I will say it was when I refused to drop my single titled “Special Feelings” for personal reasons. I realised my mistake after the song went viral.

PT: If money was not a challenge, where would you live?

JhamZUdeen: I will still choose Nigeria because no matter where you are in the world your roots really matter.

PT: What are the major industry changes you feel would make it easier for aspiring artists to grow?

JhamZUdeen: I think young artistes in Nigeria and Africa, in general, are not getting enough talent-oriented opportunities.

PT: What project(s) are you working on?

JhamZUdeen: Fire of Aweedar (The EP)

PT: Are you in a romantic relationship with anyone? If yes, can you share details?

JhamZUdeen: None, for now. I’m focused on my goals at the moment. Not like romantic relationships are less important, though.

PT: How can you be reached?

JhamZUdeen: I can be reached on Instagram @jhamzudeenofficia, on Twitter@jhamzudeen, and on Facebook@jhamzudeenofficial.

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