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Pink Lips Scrubs, Anyone? Yes, Or No | The Guardian Nigeria News

Pink Lips Scrubs, Anyone? Yes, Or No | The Guardian Nigeria News

Pink Lips Scrubs, Anyone? Yes, Or No

The rave for pink lips is definitely not new, but as with trends, these topics fade in and out, coming in and out of fashion, but each time a little deadlier.

It seems as if, now that everyone is familiar with the concept of makeup, the beauty industry has found a new focus; natural beauty.

Quite the irony, isn’t it? Not surprisingly, people are eating it up. From pink lips scrubs to dye their lips pink, to semi-permanent eyelashes to face coats to give a faux smooth skin, there’s really nothing that can’t be fixed!
Strangely, it seems as though men subscribe to this trend way more than their female counterparts.

At what cost, though? You have to give something to get something. What do you have to sacrifice to keep up with the beauty trends? Will it ever end?

What are pink lips scrubs?
A lip scrub is generally a gentle mechanical exfoliating mixture made up of particles that rub off dead and flaky skin, leaving your lips smoother, softer and more supple.

Pink lips scrubs, on the other hand, contain everything that a normal lip scrub contains, plus a dye. The dye will force your lips colour to change with every application; the more you use it, the pinker your lips get.

How to spot bad lip scrubs
First things first, a natural lip scrub or balm will not promise you visibly pinker lips in just two weeks. Although most of the ‘’bad’’ lip scrubs and balms do not actually have a proper label listing the ingredients, you should be wary of any lip products containing chemicals such as hydroquinone, especially if the concentration is not specified.

What is the worst that could happen?
A lot of things could go wrong when you apply an unidentified scrub or balm to your lips. Here are a few, in order of severity:

Dry lips
Because lip scrubs are mechanical exfoliators, they peel off the first few layers of skin that protect your lips. This leaves your lips bare and unprotected. While this shouldn’t be a problem, the frequent application of lip balm is sure to cause dryness and chapped lips. The sellers of this “pink lips’’ balm advise that you use it morning and night. That is way too often.

Irritations and sores
The dryness of the lips can further progress, causing the flesh itself to break into a painful, open sore. Accompanied by this is an itching sensation. This uncomfortable combination is deadly because the sores can easily be infected. Worse still, it makes daily habits tedious and painful; eating and talking become a chore.

Swellings and allergies
In some cases, as your lips get pinker, they also become inflamed, as if you’ve been bitten by a bug. Of course, this is displeasing to look at. It also comes with extra sensitivity. You may not be able to eat anything spicy for as long as you use the cream.

Blackened lips
On the flip side, using a bleaching or dyeing product on your lips can cause, or further worsen the blackening of the lips. Because many of these nameless and brandless products are made with no scientific research, there is a possibility that your attempt to brighten your lips can backfire.

Risk of skin cancers
As with other bleaching products, lip bleaching forces your cells to make alterations to their genetic makeup. This is the basis of every cancer. After a mutation occurs, the cells may wild and start proliferating on their own, resulting in cancer.

What causes darkening of lips?
If you’re worried about dark lips but scared of getting skin cancer, you should know that having dark lips isn’t a crime. Sometimes, it’s just natural. However, there are some times when it isn’t. Here are a few reasons why your lips may be darkening:

Medical conditions:
Your lips are an extension of your skin. When you get sick, your lips will tell. A sudden change in the shade or tone of your lip colour could be an indication of an underlying disease. Of course, once the condition is treated, your lips will come back to life.

If you take poor care of your skin, your lips will become dark, dry and chapped. You can avoid this by using a gentle lip exfoliator from a trusted source, followed by a moisturizing lip balm. Make sure that you do not peel your lips too ferociously, or exfoliate too often, or else you could end up with an injury.

Smoking habits:
The nicotine in cigarette restricts blood flow to your lips, depriving them of oxygen. This is the same effect it has on your lungs. If you notice your lips darkening due to cigarette usage, it’s time to put the lighter down.

Reactions to chemicals:
Lip darkening could be triggered by chemicals found in toothpaste, lipstick and other makeup products. An abrupt change in lip colouration could be traced to a new brand of toothpaste or makeup product. Once the source is identified, reversing the discolouration is no big deal. Look out for products containing chemical dyes and harsh acids and alkalis.

It is important to remember that the rave for pink lips has not lasted five years, however, the harmful effects of forcibly changing your lip colour could last a lifetime. Before you succumb to peer pressure, ask these questions; at what risk? Will it ever end?

Rest assured that once the general public has had its fill of men and women with bright pink lips, it will find something else to crown the most attractive feature of the year.

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