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Nigeria: Sprite Introduces Recycled Transparent Bottles

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In a fresh move to deepen its market penetration, Sprite, is moving away from its iconic green packaging to a new unique design in transparent PET plastic bottles for easy recycling.

Speaking on the new look, the Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited, Abiodun Ajiborode, said, “For us at Coca-Cola, clear is better and we are journeying to a World Without Waste by moving to clear Sprite packs, which means more of our plastic can be collected, recycled and reused to make new bottles”.

The World Without Waste campaign represents Coca-Cola’s commitment to doing business sustainably through the creation of jobs for members of its host communities, promotion of financial empowerment, and elimination of environmental waste.

With grants of over $1,000,000 from The Coca-Cola Foundation to multiple NGOs in Nigeria, several recycling and women empowerment programs are being implemented to address the issue of environmental protection while empowering women who are significant pillars of the society

Additionally, through Coca-Cola’s System investment in a foremost recycling company, Alkem, more than one billion PET bottles were collected and recycled in Nigeria into fibre and other products from 2005 to 2011. More than 1,800 people were also directly employed on an average income of $6 per day; which is three times the national average.

Coca-Cola has further invested in building an industry coalition that has birthed the Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA). FBRA is an alliance of responsible and forward-looking companies united by a shared concern for the environment and a commitment to collaborate with all stakeholders in building a sustainable recycling economy for food and beverage packaging waste. These efforts have so far led to the recovery and recycling of over 55 million bottles.

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