Home Business Nigeria: Power Generation Falls Further By 27% to 3,567MW

Nigeria: Power Generation Falls Further By 27% to 3,567MW

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Nigeria’s power generation, Monday, dropped by 27 per cent to 3,567.30 megawatts, MW, as at 06hours compared to the 4,557.50MW peak generation at 22hours the previous day.

Latest data obtained by Energy Vanguard from the Independent System Operator, ISO, showed that the peak generation on Sunday was also less than the 4,700MW recorded on Saturday at 01hours.

According to the ISO data, total energy sent out on Sunday was 94,378.72MWH out of the total energy generated which was 96,115.73MWH.

The data also showed that the previous day, total energy sent out was 103,941MWH from total energy generated which was 105,784.19MWH.

Despite this however, electricity distribution companies took 4,170.93MW of the power generated on Sunday with Ikeja DISCO and Ibadan DISCO leading with 693.24MW and 548.14MW respectively.

The data also indicated that Eko DISCO and Abuja DISCO took 546.04 and 446.32MW respectively with Yola DISCO taking the least power at just 126.92MW.

Further checks showed that Benin DISCO and Enugu DISCO took 364.94MW and 369.94MW respectively while Jos DISCO and Kaduna DISCO took 223.02MW and 304.40MW respectively.

Kano DISCO and Port Harcourt DISCO were reported to have taken 304.40MW and 243.57MW respectively.

Meanwhile, investigation by Energy Vanguard showed that many parts of the nation did not have steady supply, a development which affected activities in different sectors of the nation’s economy.

However, in its latest report, the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, LCCI, which noted some developments in the sector, stated: “The Federal Government entered into an agreement with Siemens AG under the Presidential Power Initiative to fix critical infrastructure deficit in the power sector.