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Nigeria: Minister of Environment Calls for Transformation of Food System

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Minister of Environment, Dr. Muhammad Abubakar has called for the transformation of the food system to aid rejuvenation of soils and forest covers.

Speaking at the 14th National Council of Environment virtually held with the theme: “Managing Emerging Environmental Challenges: Need for Strategic Approach to Sustainable Development in Covid-19 Era and Beyond,” the Minister said: “There is urgent need to transform our food system which has been the major factor in the issue of loss of biodiversity, fresh water and deforestation with its attendant effects on climate change. It is therefore, expected that pertinent issues of climate smart agriculture and agro ecological practices that will aid rejuvenation of soils and forest covers, among others,are discussed during this meeting.”

He noted that giant strides were achieved in the sector since the last Council meeting.

He said. “I am pleased to report that steady and modest progress is being made in accomplishing relevant goals related to the development of the sector, in alignment with the resolutions of the past Council meetings.

Accordingly, the deliverables from the priority projects and programmes of the Ministry are being pursued with vigour.”

He said there are plans to accelerate implementation of the Ogoni clean-up;

accelerate implementation of the Great Green Wall Programme, and promote and set targets for tree planting towards meeting Mr. President’s declared commitment to planting 25 million trees in 2025.