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Nigeria: Lufthansa Resumes Flights to Nigeria

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The first Lufthansa flight after an eight months suspension occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic, arrived in Lagos last Thursday.

The airline said it is offering in December, up to eight weekly departures scheduled from Lagos and Abuja Airports to Frankfurt, while safety and hygiene on board remain a top priority

The European mega carrier said it would offer up to five weekly departures from Lagos to Frankfurt and starting on December 8, it would also connect the capital Abuja with three weekly departures.

“All long-haul flights depart from Nigeria in the evening as overnight flights, arriving in Lufthansa’s main hub Frankfurt in the early morning.

“This allows all passengers from Nigeria to get the full choice of connecting flights to European, American and Asian destinations, leaving all from the same Terminal 1,” the airline said.

It also noted, “Lufthansa always was and will stay dedicated to Nigeria, one of our key markets in Africa. As we have received the final permission to reopen our flight operations, we are happy to be the first airline to reconnect Nigeria directly to the centre of Europe and onwards to all other continents.”

“We offer a considerable number of flights to the US and Canada, allowing our Nigerian guests to have family members and friends again at reach throughout the world. Health and safety continues to be our top priority and we are committed to maintain a strict adherence to hygiene regulations for all our flights,” General Manager Nigeria & Equatorial Guinea Lufthansa Group Airlines, Adenike Macaulay.