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Nigeria: Kunda Unveils New Books

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Kunda Kids has added two new books to its collection.

One of such books is “Queen Moremi Makes a Promise”, a story written by Ayo Oyeku, inspired by Queen Moremi a legendary Yoruba queen and folk heroine in the Yorubaland region of present-day southwestern Nigeria.

The other book which was written by Sokhna Ndiaye is titled, “King Alboury Cooks the Best Jollof” inspired by King Alboury, the last king of the great Jolof Kingdom of Senegal, and which celebrates the popular African dish jollof rice which originated from Senegal.

Kuda in a statement said only two per cent of recently published children’s books in the UK feature a black main character.

Kunda Kids, it added, believes in championing children’s access to books and educational content, “which is why it collaborates with a variety of international initiatives and partners to ensure that all children, especially those in remote or disadvantaged communities can have access to Kunda Kids content and materials.”

Co-founder, Kunda Kids, Dele Olafuyi in the statement said: “With these new additions, we are making a continuous effort towards bridging the diversity gap in children literature to help preserve African history and culture in the minds of kids in Africa and the diaspora. This is why we continue to partner with creative storytellers who can tell informative and engaging stories that make children feel represented and introduce them to new people and places that they can enjoy learning about.”

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