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Nigeria: Food Processing Yielding Half of Nigeria’s Manufacturing Jobs – FAO

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Nigeria’s food processing sub-sector is responsible for at least half of all manufacturing jobs in the country, a new report by the FAO says.

The report released in September by the Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations (FAO) said many of the jobs are in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the informal economy.

The report titled “The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets” covers analyses on agricultural markets and sustainable development, global value chains, smallholder farmers, and digital innovations.

The report makes an important contribution to the argument on how well-functioning markets can contribute to inclusive economic growth and sustainable development. It says in West Africa, the food processing sector is the largest manufacturing sub‑sector in terms of employment.

“It accounts for only 5 percent of employment in the total agri‑food economy but represents an average of 30 percent of total secondary sector employment,” the report says.

Food processing implies the processing of clean and harvested crops into marketable and edible products. Looking at the huge market potentials surrounding the sector, the food processing sector remains less developed in Nigeria, according to experts.

On June 3, the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, alongside the Agriculture and Rural Development Minister, Sab Nanono, said the Nigerian government has set up plans to establish 142 agro-processing centres across the country, with one centre in each senatorial district of the six geo-political zones.