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Namibia: Zambezi Floods Cause Extensive Damage to Roads

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ABOUT N$20 million will be needed to repair roads that were damaged by heavy rains and annual floods in the rural areas of Zambezi region.

This was revealed to The Namibian last week by the Roads Authority’s (RA) spokesperson, Hileni Fillemon, who said a contractor has already been appointed and has started working on the roads.

“The N$20 million will cover repairs on seven roads, which were extensively damaged,” she said.

Fillemon also gave an update on the construction of the multimillion dollar DR3508 ( Namalubi-Luhonono) road saying it is progressing well and revealed that section 1 (Namalubi-Isize-21km) is now complete, while section 2 (Isize-Luhonono-34km) is 80% complete.

Upon completion, the Namalubi-Isize-Luhonono road is expected to link the mainland to the flood belt.

“The entire project is expected to be completed by October 2021,” she said.

Fillemon added that the biggest challenge they face during the rainy season is accessing gravel to repair the roads from wet borrow pits.

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