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Namibia: ‘The Homeless Professor’ Wants to Evoke Change

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Avid book worms in Namibia and hopefully the rest of the world are in for a treat as seasoned author Absalom Haikela has decided to release yet another book, titled ‘The Homeless Professor’.

Asked what inspired the title, Haikela says it is meant to reflect readers’ daily lives, including the struggle for obtaining houses and the lifestyles of Namibians.

“This is a book that touches our lives and it also serves as a motivational English book. The title came from my old friend who lost the way and purpose of living after a long walk to financial freedom,” Haikela said.

“We learn to believe that without education, you are like a candle in the wind; you are nothing, but you can do anything without proper education,” Haikela continued.

Having already written three other books, Haikela said ‘The Homeless Professor’ may be his best book.

“I am motivational; I always wanted to change someone from A to B. I feel inspired to inspire someone. This book will free your mind; I am proud to say it’s the best among my books that I ever wrote,”

Haikela prides himself to be inclusive of all ages and races, and his key message is to educate his audience.

“This book fits all the trade, all the gender, and all generations. This is the book to inspire for those that want to be inspired,” Haikela said.

Besides being an author, Haikela is also in the process of building a school.

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