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Namibia: Six Temporary Toilets for 533 Families

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RESIDENTS of the Sky settlement at Oshakati are outraged at the Oshakati Town Council’s decision to relocate them to Onawa informal settlement, where they say they will not have access to sanitation.

Earlier this month Oshakati’s mayor, Leonard Hango, commissioned the relocation of 533 families from Sky to Onawa informal settlement.

At the time Hango said the residents are being relocated because the Sky area is overcrowded and does not have basic amenities.

Vistorina Ipinge (54), a Sky resident, who also serves on the settlement’s committee, however, says the town council has only erected six temporary toilets at Onawa.

She says residents have to relieve themselves in nearby bushes.

“When we had a meeting with the mayor on 7 April, he said there are toilets and taps at Onawa, but it’s not true.

“There are only six toilets and no taps. People are being forced to pay N$500 so that we can get water from their houses. There is no electricity. Where are we going to relieve ourselves when we move to Onawa?” Ipinge asks.


Some residents say when council officials demolish their shacks, they promise to transport dwellers’ building materials, but do not do so.

On Monday night, a heavily pregnant Ester Kakuwa (29) reportedly had to sleep outside after her shack was demolished by council officials who allegedly refused to transport her corrugated iron sheets and help her erect her shack at the new location.

“They told me if my neighbour was not willing to move to Onawa, they couldn’t take my things there,” Kakuwa says.