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Namibia: Potholes On Highway Lead to Bumpy Ride

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Rundu — Several stretches of the busy Trans Caprivi Highway between Rundu and Divundu in Kavango East has crumbled into potholes following heavy rain in the area.

Motorists using the road have complained about the condition of the road, saying it was posing a risk to both vehicles and road users. The situation gets worse at night when visibility is poor, they added.

However, the Roads Authority said it can only repair the damaged sections of the road once it has stopped raining. “Three bitumen maintenance units are currently working on this section whenever the current weather conditions permit. The RA’s long-term strategy is to rehabilitate the road after the rainy season, once the necessary approval has been granted,” said RA’s spokesperson Hileni Fillemon.

At the moment while the RA is unable to complete repairs on the highway, Fillemon advised motorists to exercise extreme caution at all times.

“They should reduce their speed according to the conditions of the road and avoid night driving, if possible. The RA will erect signs requesting motorists to reduce the speed to 30km/h – and 60km/h at critical sections,” she said.

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